Husband and wife on a laptop
 An online self-management programme  
  for individuals with COPD 
SPACE for COPD manual
 Based on the successful COPD self management manual 
Medical professionals
 Your progress is monitored  
  by specialists in COPD management 
Elderly people around a computer
 Full of information that can help you reduce  
  the impact of COPD on your daily life 
Doctor talking to patient
“I'm very pleased, you've got me going again,  
  put me on the right path”
Mr R, aged 82
A grandparent
 A COPD self-management programme  
 that’s convenient for you 
Grandparents and grandchild
 Improving quality of life, exercise performance  
 and reducing anxiety 
Managing your symptoms
Managing your symptoms
Learn about what you can do to improve your well-being.
Getting you active
Getting you active
A tailored programme of exercise and activity specifically designed for individuals with COPD.
Ask the experts
Ask the experts
Registered users can have their questions answered by a healthcare professional.
SPACE for COPD answers just about all the questions you'd want to know.
Mrs D, aged 82


About SPACE for COPD®

Welcome to the Self-management Programme of Activity, Coping and Education or SPACE FOR COPD® online programme for individuals with COPD.

This self-management programme is designed to help individuals with COPD manage their condition more effectively and reduce the impact it has on their day to day life. The self-management programme contains a range of educational topics to help an individual with COPD understand their condition better. Some of these topics include: information about medication, breathing control, exercise and nutritional advice. COPD individuals are also encouraged to set goals and progress through a prescribed exercise programme and achieve weekly targets.

Additional features of the self-management programme include a glossary, frequently asked questions, a moderated discussion forum to receive and answer questions from other individuals with COPD, an 'Ask the expert' facility which provides email access to a multi-professional team of experts at Glenfield Hospital, and a news blog to obtain all the latest SPACE FOR COPD® news.


Who we are

The pulmonary rehabilitation department at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust has an established national reputation for delivering excellent, evidence-based clinical care to the people of Leicestershire. We have a strong track record of research and we collaborate with academic colleagues at the University of Leicester, Coventry University and other renowned academic centres. To find out more about the team who developed this site click here.


How to access the programme

'SPACE for COPD™' is password-protected and only those registered can access the programme. The SPACE for COPD Programme is currently only available in Leicestershire. If you are a commissioner or healthcare professional and are interested in providing this programme in your area please click here.